10 Phrases You Should Cut from Your Writing

They don’t add anything of value; it’s time to let them go.

1. ‘Absolutely Certain’

2. ‘Actual Fact’

3. ‘Blatantly obvious’

4. ‘During the course of’

5. ‘Future plans’

6. ‘Respond back’

7. ‘Self-confessed’

8. ‘Sum total’

9. ‘Protest against’

10. ‘Unexpected surprise’

Final Word

Your goal as a writer ought always to be to write as clearly, coherently, and persuasively as possible. Unnecessary repetition, excessive description, and other forms of redundancy prevent you from achieving this objective.

Ph.D. Candidate | Technical Writer-Editor | Philosopher | TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/tyB9vb | Website: nicothewriter.com | Newsletter: eepurl.com/c87lPj

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