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In this piece I’m going to argue and demonstrate through the use of various examples that if you’re serious about becoming a stronger writer, you should invest time into the study of philosophy.

Engaging with philosophical puzzles and ways of thinking will significantly improve your capacity to think through, make…

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Amongst both writers and editors, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is one of the most cherished and celebrated books on writing. The text’s chapter on style encourages writers to “be clear” whenever they put words to paper (or screen) (1979, p. 79).

Here’s what Strunk and White tell…

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Whenever you set out to write something that other people will enthusiastically read, engage with, and share with others, you must approach your writing in a different way than you would if you were merely writing for yourself.

Creating content that attracts and retains other peoples’ attention requires more than…

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Some aspects of improving your writing require a lot more time and effort to master than others do. Learning how to think critically, organize your ideas, and incorporate the advice of accomplished writers is far more demanding than fixing grammatical errors, removing redundancies, and correcting your use of tricky phrases.

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Over the past 15+ years, I’ve experimented with many different strategies for creating the conditions that give rise to an effective writing session.

Four methods in particular have proven to be especially useful to me.

Each of the practices discussed below will help you feel your best and think as…

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My parents separated for good when I was four years old.

My only memory of my mom and dad as a couple is of the two of them yelling at each other in the upstairs bathroom of the house in which I grew up.

Weekend visitation, separate birthday celebrations, child…

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