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A proven system to convince startup owners to pay you to write for them

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There’s a massive opportunity right now for talented writers to start making big money creating first-rate content for professionals and businesses in the tech/startup space.

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“That’s the one thing you never do” she said

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A pivotal lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way

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A comprehensive examination of how engaging in philosophical analysis will make you a much stronger thinker and writer

In this piece I’m going to argue and demonstrate through the use of various examples that if you’re serious about becoming a stronger writer, you should invest time into the study of philosophy.

#4: “Make definite assertions and avoid noncommittal language.”

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#3. How much will you distort the truth?

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#4: You’re neglecting the marketing side of writing

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Quick and easy changes for better writing

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Four must-follow steps for ultra productive writing

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1. Actively Block Out All Distractions

  1. Writing is intellectually demanding (yet highly rewarding).
  2. Great writing is the product of focused attention and hard thinking.
  3. It’s extremely easy to become distracted whilst writing.

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My parents’ separation put hate inside my heart, but the hate didn’t last because their love for me never waned

Nico Ryan

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